USS Truxtun Association

Two Bell Ceremony

An important aspect of each reunion is the ceremony where we remember those Truxtun sailors who have gone before us.

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"On the table sits a Red Rose to signify the blood our fallen shipmates shed.
A Crystal Glass of Water to quench their thirst for freedom.
Salt to remind us of the pain they felt lest we forget them.
The China is bone white as is the purity of their hearts and sacrifices.
This, on a White Linen Table Cloth that could be used as a clean bandage for their wounds.

We take this time to remember them
The place we set for them this evening is a special place.
As is the place we hold for them in our hearts,
our minds, and our Navy."

In days past, two bells

Two Bells

marked the end of the routine day aboard a ship.
It was time for tattoo.
And soon, taps would sound throughout the ship.
Certainly, this is a most appropriate time
to honor our departed shipmates,
ladies, and gentlemen.
Would you please bow your heads.

The toll of the ship's bell reminds us of the reverence we owe
to our departed shipmates.

Two Bells

To those who guard the honor of our country......
upon the sea.........
in the air.........
and on foreign soil.

Two Bells

Let it be a reminder of the faith they confide in us;

Two Bells

Let us who gather here not forget our obligations,
And in silence, breathe a prayer for our absent shipmates.

Two Bells

Let us offer a silent prayer for our departed shipmates..........

This moment of reverence we dedicate
to the memory of our shipmates who have gone before us."

Two Bells